Mission Leaders Conference 2014

Missio Nexus is partnering with Evangelical Missiological Society, Alliance for Excellence in Short-Term Mission and Ethnic America Network for the 2014 Mission Leaders Conference.

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Full Schedule

Globally Engaged Churches Executive Leadership Missiology Today (EMS)
Diaspora/Ethnic Ministries (EAN) Short-Term Mission (AESTM) Mission Finance & Administration Seminar
Wednesday, September 24 • PRE-CONFERENCE
1:00–9:00 PM Standards Introductory Workshop • $175, dinner included CPE credits available at Mission Finance Adminis- tration Seminar
Thursday, September 25 • PRE-CONFERENCE

Morning Pre-Conference Options Check-in: 8:00 AM
Main Conference Check-in Opens: 10:30 AM
Breakfast on Your Own
8:30 AM Church-Based Ministry to Immigrants • $49 • Damon Schroeder • Courtney Tudi • Jenny Yang • Leith Anderson Standards Introductory Workshop • Continued
9:00 AM CEO Roundtable • $39 • Cobie Langerak CFO Roundtable • $39 • Tim Maxwell
12:00 PM Women’s Networking Forum Lunch • $29 • Eleanor Berry Women’s Networking Forum Lunch • $29 • Eleanor Berry
12:30 PM Lunch on Your Own
2:00 PM Set 1: SuperWorkshops Session 1
Migration and Mission: Biblical Foundations for a Divine Perspective on New Global Realities • M. Daniel Carroll R. Migration and Mission: Biblical Foundations for a Divine Perspective on New Global Realities • M. Daniel Carroll R. Migration and Mission: Biblical Foundations for a Divine Perspective on New Global Realities • M. Daniel Carroll R. Engaging Diaspora Peoples in North America • T.V. Thomas • Voltaire D. Cacal • Chandler H. Im Past Reflections, Present Realities, Future Visions: The Church at Brook Hills and Short-Term Missions • J.D. Payne Recent Tax, Finance & Legal Developments • Dan Busby and John Van Drunen
3:30 PM Set 2: Workshops
Standing Up for Injustice: What Your Church Can Do to Help Free Modern Day Slaves Living Among Us • Bryson Vogeltanz Open the Door: Disciple Making Among Diaspora Muslim Unreached People Groups • John B. To Be Announced Welcoming the Stranger: How to Speak Up For and Minister to Immigrants Among Us • Jim Goodroe and Jenny Yang Short-Term Mission Partnerships: How Does That Work? • Daniel Rickett Session 2
Starts at 4:15 PM
Update on Health Reform Issues • Danny Miller
5:45 PM Dinner
7:00 PM GENERAL SESSION: Immigration & Migration

Leith Anderson • President, National Association of Evangelicals
Jenny Yang • Vice President of Advocacy & Policy, World Relief
9:00 PM Mission Pastors & Leaders Networking Reception
Friday, September 26
Breakfast on Your Own
8:00 AM Session 3
Choose A or B
8:30 AM GENERAL SESSION: Globalization

Robert Doll • Chief Equity Strategist, Nuveen Asset Management
Steve Moore • President, Missio Nexus
A: Selecting & Implementing Accounting Software • John Harmon
B. Form 990 Tax Update • Adam Smith
9:15 AM Session 4
Globalization3 Accountability & Tax for Missionary Activities • Gregg Capin and John Butler
10:30 AM Set 3: Workshops
Reimagine ‘Missions’ as being OPEN for Immigrants in Your Community • Jason Knapp Faith and Justice: The Church’s Answer to Slavery • Michele Rickett To Be Announced Mobilizing of and Partnering with Diaspora Churches and Agencies • Gregg Detwiler and Voltaire D. Cacal Choose 1 or 2
1. Going Beyond Excellence in Short-Term Mission to Cohesion • David Bosworth
2. Beyond Welcome Back: 10 Things You Need to Know About Reentry • Lisa Espineli Chinn
Session 5
Starts at 10:50 AM
Cultural Intelligence When Funding Foreign Organizations • Mary Lederleitner
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Session 6
1:30 PM Set 4: Workshops Changing Funding Models – Panel • John E. Walvoord
Globalization and Global Mission • Paul Borthwick Megacities and the Urban Future • Doug Batson To Be Announced

Enhancing Multi-Ethnic Diversity in Mission Leadership • John Sewak Ray and Roberto Foster

Addressing Blind Spots of the North American Church on Diaspora Peoples

OPEN Doors: Identifying Doors God Opens for Shorter Term Mission Endeavors and the Cost of Effective Integral Engagement • Gil Odendall
3:00 PM Session 7
3:30 PM Set 5: Workshops U.S. Funding for International Activities • Stuart Lark
Witnessing to the Asian Diaspora • Allen Yeh CEO Panel and Open Forum • Executive Leadership Presenters • Faciliated by Marv Newell & Eldon Porter To Be Announced

Global Missiological Implications of Reaching International Students • Lisa and Leiton Chinn

Choose 1 or 2
1. Diaspora in North America and Mid-Term Missions • Don Johnson

2. Contributing to Poverty Alleviation Through an STM: It’s a Difficult Dance • Steve Corbett

4:15 PM Session 8
Q&A Panel • Dave Cram, MFA Seminar Team & Presenters
If registered for MLC add on, please join us for dinner and remaining scheduled activities.
5:45 PM Dinner
7:00 PM GENERAL SESSION: Urbanization

Leroy Barber • Global Executive Director, Word Made Flesh
Ray Bakke • Urban Church Pastor & Advocate, Recipient of the 2014 Lifetime of Service Award
Saturday September 27
Breakfast on Your Own
Set 6: SuperWorkshops
9:00 AM Globalization and the Pressure Points of Our Age • J.D. Payne Globalization and the Pressure Points of Our Age • J.D. Payne Globalization and the Pressure Points of Our Age • J.D. Payne Intercultural Unity: Why It’s Missing and Why It Matters • Ken Baker • Bob Rasmussen Short-Term Missions can be a WIN, WIN, WIN: The Recipe for Success • Brian Heerwagen Please choose one of the Super Workshops listed at left.
10:30 AM General Session: Exploitation

Nikki Toyama-Szeto • Senior Director of Biblical Justice Integration & Mobilization, International Justice Mission
A Story of Justice • International Justice Mission (name withheld for the sake of privacy)
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